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︎ archiculture / 2017

Qatar is home to an estimated 87 nationalities, however, there is not enough affirmation of how this [temporary] multicultural society is changing the native culture  of this country. The projects aims to tell the story of  this transitioning community and involves exploring seamlessly integrated foreign and local cultures that is becoming the new face of Qatar. The project also investigates the phenomenon of emergent cultures through a changing cityscape. It hopes to promote cultural appreciation and celebrate the heightened possibilities of creativity and innovation that arises from a diverse mix of people coming together. Archiculture explores the essence of the local scene; the architecture. From the research the archiculture deck of cards was developed. It is a set of 52 cards that includes thirteen ranks of the Archiculture suits; bricks, concrete, glass and steel. They include an arch, a facade and a roof of buildings of Qatar reflecting different cultural inspirations for each rank. The card game is designed to be used in majlis and gathering spaces in the country and was developed to reflect the unique story of the country.