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︎ memory / 2018

Memory is a typographic exploration of how memory is perceived in self, society and politics. The text of the book is from a BBC Podcast, In Our Time :Memory, by host Melvin Bragg. This typographic book captures the essence of memory through stitching on paper, and the threads tie the narrative together. In the section of ‘Memory and the Self’, the messiness in the stitching style indicates an exploration into the hidden recesses of the mind, which is a forgotten, unclear, messy ‘reservoir’.

‘Memory and Society’ talks about how society places certain memories on a ‘pedestal’, and selectively celebrates it, and a beautiful embroidery stitch is used to treat the text the same way. However, in the final section, we see how pieces of text are crossed out with the big slanting lines, just as government documents are redacted, as the podcast informs it audience how governments direct memory of its people, by hiding or cancelling some of the memory on text.