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︎ the prayer rug / 2017

The ‘Rug Bag’, a prayer rug that can be folded into a bag, was developed under the Modern Prayer Rug Design Competition and showcased at the Company House at Msheireb Museums from October 12-November.
The purpose of making the Rug Bag into a foldable bag is to make prayer more convenient for the traveler, durable, easily portable, made with leather treated to be heat and water resistant. The rug focuses more on the textural details, durability and portability that is used to make the prayer rug.

This makes it easier to carry a bottle of water needed for wudhu or drinking as finding proper water facilities can be challenging at time while travelling outskirts of towns and far off places.The rug emphasizes the move to go back to the idea of de-ornamentation wherever unnecessary, simplifying the prayer carpet so as to focus more on worship and not get distracted by any designs.