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︎ timecases / 2018

‘Timecases’ explores Qatar’s rich history through the symbol of a suitcase. Different stages of Qatar’s history is represented through different suitcases, from a carry bag from the beduoin lifestyle, to the international luggage that came with the introduction of free visas in 2017, the variety of travel bags symbolize the socio-political history of the region in the last hundred years.

The carry bag symbolizes the desert climate that supported the Bedouin lifestyle until urbanization in port towns suc h as Doha, Zubara and Um Salata led to increasing movement of tribes and communties across  Bahrain and Saudi Arabia who settled into what we consider Qatar today. The period of pearl diving and fishing are shown by the geometrical aluminium box, that were used by pearl divers and fishermen during long voyages at sea.

The suitcase symbolizes Doha in the latter hald of the 20th century developed at an astonishing rate with the first oil strike in Qatar oil fields, which was accompanied by urban growth and changing lifestlye. The Establishment of Qatar Foundation is shown by the big college student bags, as Qatar moved towards a knowledge based economy, bringing elite institutions from all over the world. It was in 2017 that Qatar announced visa free country for citizens of 80 countries, opening borders and welcoming more people to the country.