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a little about me


I am a thinker and maker, who believes in designing for utility as much as for beauty.
I see design through reflection; as self reflection helps me unlock and discover the wonders in nature that are essential to my understanding of design. I develop work by reading a variety of materials and critically observing my surroundings, which shape and inspire my creative thinking, as well as helps to draw new connections between seemingly unrelated topics.

I am also inspired by nature; draw relations between me as a maker and the makers of nature; the birds, spiders, beavers and bees, that work endlessly to make, engineer and innovate the finest inventions witnessed in the natural world. It is this mindset of observation and curiosity for the processes in our surroundings that is the key to discovery.

It is this idea of ‘drawing’ new connections, of making new marks, that coined the term ‘aaqifas marker’. First inspired by my BFA thesis project, where I made new marks while experimenting with 3D printing, now talks to the entirety of my creative journey; a humble attempt to discover and learn new ideas and paths everyday.

︎ Education


︎ Awards

2015 - 2019
2016 - 2019

2018 - 2020

︎ Experience 

/Community Engagement
2015 - 2016

2015 - 2018 



2018 - 2019

/Job Experience
2017 - 2018 




︎ Skills


High School at Doha Modern Indian School Qatar
BFA in Graphic Design at VCUarts Qatar [Summa Cum Laude] with University Honors


Seven time Dean’s list winner
Accepted to Honors Program and HBKU Scholarship Recepient
1 of 6 finalists of the VCUarts Qatar Prayer Rug Competition
My work ‘Boats’ was displayed at the Tasmeem Biennial Conference in Qatar’s Student Exhibition
Quranic Botanic Garden Photography Contest Runner Up
Awarded Undergraduate Research Grant Project by QNRF in exploring new ways of 3D printing


VCUarts Qatar Student Ambassador  / Responsible for representing the university at events outside the campus such as volunteering at the 2016 Graduation.

VCUarts Qatar Charity Week club member as well as the 2018 Club Vice President / Organised events, Assigned roles, spoke with companies and university representatives to organise a week of events to raise money for poor and needy children

Participated in the QF Annual Leadershape Event / Learned to cultivate team building skills through games and activities, developed a brand identity and presentation for the team, as well as created and presented a vision during a one-week residential program.

English Teacher at the QF Housing Community English Teaching Program / Taught basics of English language to the cleaning staff at QF Housing through games, reading and writing activities.

VCUarts Qatar Chit Chat Chai Club Member / Helped in organising potluck lunch and games to build bridges and break social barriers to bring the community at VCUarts Qatar together

Design Research Assistant to Associate Graphic Design Professor at VCUarts Qatar / This research aims to develop an effective signage system for construction workers in Qatar by studying multilingual typography, illustrative drawings, and color systems in existing worksite signage.

Internship at Makery Qatar / Developed a manual on how to use the digital fabrication services available at Makery Qatar by experimenting with the machines and collecting information.

Internship at QSTP Being You Qatar / Learned the process of 3D modelling parametric sunglasses so as to make it customizable to a wide audience.


Experienced in working with 3D printers, both Cartesian and Delta printers / Worked with Ultimaker, Makerbot, Prusa printers and currently building a delta ceramic printer from a reprap kit (as of August 2019).

Typographic Experience in Hindi / Arabic / English / Malayalam / Gained the skills through developing multilingul packaging, awareness compaigns, as well as typographic posters. 

Experienced in multidimensional design from 2D vectors to 3D renderings / Example of the range of work I created in the style include mapping projects, publication design (books, zines and pamphlets), product design (designing prayer rugs, games, accessories), package design, kinetic typography and short animations. 

Experienced in Adobe Illustrator / Indesign  / Photoshop/ Lightroom / Audition / Premiere / After Effects

Experience in 3D programs such as 123design / Sketchup / Fusion 360 / Onshape / Blender